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on the Eiffel Tower

So if you know me,

then you know I want to go to Paris…

sooner better than later.

I’m trying to be patient.


Thoughts of France began in ’05 – then the tower…

I’ve been drawing it for at least the last two years.
Bethany gave me a cool cast-iron sculpture of the Tower for my birthday.

If you would like to check out the real thing:

There are some cool views of the city and such.

Or for the more learned:

Lotsa info.

Or for the immediate:

Includes current weather!

Or for more fun views of the tower:


Interesting facts – and easy to read.


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On Service International DONATIONS

So…Pastor Virgil mentioned something the other night at prayer about people coming into his office and giving him $,


if you’d rather give something you already may have


then check out the list below. 

I found it on the website:


To Donate Goods

To donate goods, please review the following list of items SI is accepting. The current SI collection center is at 17466 Chesterfield Airport Road, Chesterfield, MO 63005 USA. Cases of items are much preferred to individual item donations.


Flat shovels

Long handled flat spade


Leaf rakes

Hard rakes



Wire cutters

Utility knives


Permanent markers

Flat bar/pry bars

Hard hats

Five-gallon fuel cans

4′, 6′, 8′ and 10′ step ladders

16′, 20′, 26′ and 32′ extension ladders


Hammer drills

Cordless skill saws

Reciprocating saws

Power washers

Blowers and fans


Cordless jigsaws

25′, 50′ and 100′ extension cords



Drywall screws

Drywall tape

Joint Compound


Doors, exterior and interior


Window sills and casing



To Donate Large Equipment

To arrange the donation of these items, please call 636-733-8306.

Flatbed Trucks

Skid Loaders

Front Loaders



ATV Runabouts

4000W generators




Portable Shower Trailers



Warehouse in Louisiana
(Between Clinton & New Orleans)

Bobcats with Tracks and Claws

Laptops and Printers for Mobile Office

Tools to Outfit 3+ Trailers

Radios and Base Stations

Heavy Duty Gas Powered Washers

Electric Blowers for Drying
Home Interiors

500 Gallon Fuel Tanks

Office Equipment/Supplies for
Satellite Offices

Private Airplane

36,000 sq. ft. Satellite Location with
4.5+ Acres

130,000 sq. ft. St. Louis Warehouse
with 6+ Acres


I wish I had known about St. Louis Family Church and Service International when my Dad died…

he had A LOT of stuff!



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on Spell Check

For those of you who have suffered thru my spell check-free days,


WordPress now has this available on every post! I use to do it when I remembered, but now the beauty of a machine doing it for me – a click away.


God loves you too!


Now I just have to remember to click it… I’m at about 90% for tonight’s work. Not bad, not bad at all.

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on an old calendar…

So spring cleaning really does pay off,

BIG-time actually.


I found some pages from an old calendar that I kept with the glorious thoughts of writing down the scriptures that were in it to something more long term, like a journal. Thankfully I now have this site.


See, there is a God.

So on one of the pages, I actually scribbled a note to myself:

‘We are not walking with God unless we are obedient to Him and true, even to ourselves.’

The scripture for that day (Monday, February 3rd for those of you with curious minds):

“Can two walk together; unless they are agreed?” – Amos 3:3 NKJV

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on Forgetting…

Funny how ya think you’ve written about something…

but then it’s clear you have only been thinking about it.

I wonder how often that happens to writers…how many cool stories have been ‘lost’ simply because they thought they had already written it down, but really it never got out of their heads.

Recently I’ve started writing fiction, and have lost SEVERAL stories because I didn’t write down the idea when I had it – then it got fuzzy and forgotten, kind-of like a dream that dissipates over time…

Key: Leave paper and pen EVERYWHERE! I get lots of ideas at night or early am…and often in the car while driving. I suppose if you are techy then there is no need for paper.


I soooo enjoy being old-school and not attached to a gadget


perhaps I have commitment issues.

That should probably be another blog.

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This summer!

So I know it’s a bit early, but I’m soooo excited. I’m going to take this summer off from work again…..!!!

There’s only 35 work days left!


This time I did not sign up to substitute…

so no phone calls…

Just a book, the back-yard swing and my dog: Lars…

and that’s just my post-breakfast fun.

Maybe I’ll nap until lunch.

Or go to the pool with my cousins.



ya get the point.


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on Flowers

aaah springtime!


Truly amazing…

the colors…

my grass has looked like bright Irish Green for a L-O-N-G time!

The flowers: daffodils (and the numerous variety-types that my Mama has planted over the years), and others that I can barely pronounce, much less spell… but they look like velvet the colors are so dark and vibrant.

I hope you have been making it outdoors regularly…

regardless of the rain…

it does stop from time to time…


the snow really wasn’t that big of a deal yesterday.


This is one of the longest springtimes we’ve had in awhile.

My brother and I were just talking about it – how it usually gets hot FAST…

well, not this year.

I think all the extra, and regular rainfall has helped all the colors come out.


If you like purple, the redbud trees are next!  There’s a tunnel of them that I drive through regularly near Hwy 44 which has started to deepen in color just this weekend. Last year I took some really cool photos of ’em through the sunroof. If I ever figure out more techno-stuff, I’ll post a pic to this blog (and more).



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