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on Spring Break

Well…I’m mid-week of this beautiful concept of Spring Break!
My first since college. Started with St. Patrick’s Day (well actually I didn’t have to work on the Friday before, but who’s counting) and my birthday is this Saturday with Easter on Sunday!


I hope to work outside more later this week when the rain stops… I don’t mind the rain…it’s turning everything GREEN! Flowers are already blooming, and I’m wanting to transplant!

Yet, I need to finish all the little projects on the inside, but… well, those are the easiest to put off till later…


I have discovered that I still REALLY enjoy hand-sewing. I have a machine, but there’s nothing like doing it all the old-fashioned way!

Currently, I’m taking a break from frustrating email issues…SPAM really is ridiculious!


Plus I’m still numb from my dentist appointment…and tomorrow, I may be numb with joy from my tax appointment = aaahhh the REFUND!

On even a better note:  I’ve been fasting off and on since February, and I highly recommend it. Especially if there are issues you can’t seem to handle… Check out Isaiah 58. First I fasted from hot chocolate… I was drinking it everyday and then some. Then all things caffeinated. Feeling calm on the inside was an experience I don’t even remember from my youth. Then I fasted from meals. If you know me, then you know how I feel about food. It’s been quite an experience. God ROCKS!


Well, I’m off to the Zoo!


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“God’s beginnings…”

Yep, more from MacDonald,

“But I am in no hurry. If it is to be, God will see to it. Small beginnings with slow growings have time to root themselves thoroughly. God’s beginnings are alwyas imperceptible, whether in the region of soul or of matter.”

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on grief from George MacDonald’s book…

“Time passed, and under the holy influences of duty and love and hope their hearts began to cover with flowers their furrows of grief.”


from earlier in the book when another young boy passed on…

“We have yet learned but little of the blessed power of death. We call it an evil, but it is a holy, friendly thing. We are not left shivering all the world’s night in a stately portico with no house behind it. Death is the door to the temple-house, whose God is not seated aloft in motionless state, but walks among His children, receiving His pilgrim sons in His arms…

either God is altogether like Christ, or the Christian religion is a lie.”

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on dreams…George MacDonald

The book was originally published from London in 1882 as “Weighed and Wanting” –

now: “The Gentlewoman’s Choice” …most of his books have been shortened a bit for an easier read by Michael Phillips… this one in 1987 – Gotta love used book stores – our local lady does hunts for our family ever since I was a kid.

There are of course several others – most are series – this one is the last book in a series of three…I haven’t read the others and this one was more than able to stand alone.

I have read at least two others – each from different series, and have one waiting for spring break.


 My friend, “KP” has read many more than I by George MacDonald.

So on to dreams…

there’s this sweet little paragraph that I wanted to share…it’s a wee boy whose grown weak and eventually dies… and he is sharing his dream with a close relative and friend:

“Yes, it was a dream, but do you think a dream is nothing at all? I think if it is a good dream, it must be God’s. For you know every good thing is from God. He made the thing that dreams and the things that set it dreaming, so He must be the master of dreams – at least when He pleases – and surely always of those who obey Him.”

See what I mean, SWEET!

I’ve noticed over the last few months that my dreams have become more and more detailed almost completely like life…the details are amazing…I see stuff I’ve never remembered seeing in dreams before… even dirt! This morning I woke after an especially fun time in a city with friends going to an opera house. It was a beautiful old structure with lots of ornate detail outside – and of course velvet on the inside. It was a vast place, and lots of fun exploring. A most excellent way to start the day.

Happy dreaming to you all!

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on friends…

Well… Katie gave me trouble about not posting a blog…

I have been adding to my pages – just not writing.

It’s not that I don’t have stuff to say…just hadn’t been interesting in writing…

I’ve felt ‘blah’ since even before my aunt passed on.  My brother thinks I’m grieving for my uncle and cousins because I don’t want anyone to go through what our family did after my Dad passing on in April of ’97.  I know every family is different and every individual…

but grief is a pain that sometimes cannot be seen…

and can be even harder to treat…

and sometimes you don’t even know it is still there…

God is helping. 

Peace is with Him.

I ‘feel’ like I’m getting my groove back after listening to LOTS of christian music; memorizing scriptures again… started with Psalm 23, then Phil. 4:8, then 4:13…and more; re-reading more of those books from the past has helped:  Still cruisin’ through the Best Life Now Devotional by J. Osteen, and almost finished with K.Hagin’s book on a believer’s authority as well as finished a fun-read by George Mac Donald (C.S. Lewis even read his stuff!)…I’ll be posting some of his juice here, but the ol’library is getting ready to shut down…so it’ll have to wait.

…On Katie, well – she, Sonia and I had a most excellent day this last weekend. Bliss. I really am blessed to have two such beautiful people in my life willing to eat throughout the day all over the world,


go to an activity that I suggest – and stay at it for hours!
Needless to say, all were exhausted,


not too much for a movie to top off the eventful day.


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