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Love and Respect

by Eggerichs.

Another good book referred to me by a couple married almost 30 years.

I’ve been giving it to my married friends.

It’s good.

Learn how to love people the way they need to be loved.


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ever re-arranging your house,

                                 your cabinets,

                                 your closet???

You do it so you know where to find stuff.

You do it to get rid of stuff…doesn’t fit – or – don’t want it anymore.

You do it maybe even to find stuff you lost…or…you find other people’s stuff you forgot you had!

I just got done moving LOTS of furniture at my house


realized I needed to get rid of more than I thought.

All that cleaning led me to thinking…

                       it’s the same with God…renew your mind with His Word…get rid of the old.

I like His Way better than my way any day.

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