more re-read(s)…and I do mean more


For the last two weeks or so I’ve been trying to cut back on my ‘upclose’ time:

reading, internet, etc.


So I’ve been listening to the Bible on CD while I do my walks before work in the am…


only reading briefly in the am, on break and before bed…

mostly these have been re-reads from 2000 and 2001,

books from SLFC studies:

K.Hagin’s How to be Led by the Spirit of God

The Life of Faith by Mrs. C. Nuzum

Prayer of Jabez, Breaking Through tot he Blessed Life by Dr. Bruce H. Wikinson with David Kopp


I’ve started to re-read Battlefield of the mind by J.Meyer too!

Mom gave me another pile of books she wanted me to check out before she ordered more…


there’s all those books that I buy evertime I get near a store…

my poor eyes.

Anywho, I’ve never really been into re-reading books (mainly because there are so many other books out there I still want to read), but when you read an amazing book…

keep it…

and re-read it when you are ready.



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