from Sarah…

Sarah is a friend of mine from SLFC…

we met years ago


at one point were even roommates on a mission trip;


sang in choir together – back in the day… she’s still diligent…


she’s a party-planner…bonfires even


she’s one of the sweetest people I have ever known.

This week she sent some emails that I requested to put here…check ’em out…a rev worthy of being read. Enjoy!

Saturday, 11-10-07 Thinking about God

You know a friend of mine said something the other night and it really
kind of hit me....not sure why, but she said God loves us sooo much
and that's why he gives us choices. My thoughts were-if you love
someone so much you would let them choose.  I just sat and thought
about that.
Also another thing, we are singing an older song tomorrow and it
reminded me that a while back I emailed some of you guys because I was
really thinking about this song and what it meant to me.  The song is:
Be Magnified, O Lord
I have made you too small for my eyes
O Lord, forgive me
And I have believed in a lie that you were unable to help me. but now
o Lord, I see my wrong
heal my heart and show yourself strong and in my eyes and with my
song, oh Lord, be magnified
BE magnified o Lord, you are highly exalted and there is nothing you
can't do o Lord my eyes are on your, be magnified, oh Lord be
(for those that don't really know the song)
This is what I get out of it, we all see things different!  God can do
soo much bigger things if you just make him bigger in your eyes and
life!  And believe that he can help you! IT says in his word.  BE
magnified-make bigger!!!!! Make God bigger in your life! Trust him
more. Trust me I know how hard it is and how you're like-God why not
now for answers, etc. It's all in His timing!  I know we all have
things we want and believe for.  Pastor Jeff said something last night
that I guess hit me,,,,,gosh-it's sinking in! LOL! Stuff you know, but
don't really do guys know what I mean....write down
your dreams and plans for the future-what you want, etc......God knows
the desires of your heart.
Ok, I think that is it for now! I hope it all makes sense!  I'm
writing this while singing Ring around the rosie with my little
cousins! You know how they want your attention when you're busy!  LOL!
See you all! Love you!  Smile and have a great day!   Sarah C.


Sunday, 11-11-07  I’m not done-more:)

Hey everyone! I hope your Sunday was great! Mine was fun and some of
my family came to visit!
Man you really have to just think about songs and what they mean to know sometimes you do, sometimes you don't.
Well the Be magnified-also lets me think to use a magnifying glass and
you know how it makes things bigger..yeah you all figured that out!
And someone emailed me (you know who you are-thanks!)  back about the
other email and he brought out a good point-it reminded him of
Galatians 5:16...Walk in the Spirit and you won't fulfill the lust of
your flesh (paraphrased). The more we magnify God, the less we think
about ourselves and our problems...etc.
We also added a different, older song today...There is nothing that I
need that he won't supply....There is nothing that I need that he
won't provide, if I believe, if I believe,,,,and so I'll say to the
mountain move, and I'll say to the mountain get out of my way cause i
believe, yes i believe.  Great song!
I think that is it this time! Just had to pass it on!
Have a great week!  Hope to see you guys soon!   Smile and have a great day!
 Sarah C.

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