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apartment vs hotel

Recently I came across an article in a magazine on renting an apartment while on vacation instead of staying in a hotel.  The writer was from the U.S. and did this in Spain.  The goal is to more experience the location and the locals. 

Which got me thinking about my eventual trip to Italy, specifically Venice.  I soooo want to stay above the water canal in a place with a balcony.  I totally dig meeting locals.

 I’ve stayed in a lot of places…even a hostel, but never rented a place just for fun.

Anyone ever done this?



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on Success

While reading this week

I came across a good question and answer: 

“How do you measure the success of your work?

I don’t remember that the Lord ever spoke of success. He spoke only of faithfulness in love. This is the only success that really counts.”

-Mother Teresa

“Open your heart to be a channel of God’s love to others.”

-G.Chapman/The 5 Love Languages

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on Devotionals

Kenneth Hagin’s

“Faith Food” was very filling. 

I want to go back and do it as a study one day.

He gives a lot of scriptures.


Joyce Meyers

“Life in the Word”

“Starting your Day Right”

“Ending your Day Right”

She’s good at just saying it!


Max Lucado

“Traveling Light”

If you haven’t read one of his books yet,

I highly suggest ya get on it!

He’s creative.


Neil T. Anderson

“Who I am in Christ”

I’m almost finish, and I just started!

He also wrote the “Bondage Breaker”… quite a read.


Joel Osteen

“Daily Readings from Your Best Life Now”

College and Career book study a year or so ago.

Sweet and refreshing.

I want to read it again.


Oswald Chambers

“My Utmost for His Highest”

One can keep reading it, year after year.

Also there is a WAY cute kid version called:

“Jesus Wants ALL of Me”

adapted and illustrated by Phil A. Smouse.

I suggest reading them at the same time.

My Mom stood and read the kid one all in one evening.


Any kid Bible is a great read and FUN!

Currently I’m reading a comic-book-like one:

“The Picture Bible,

The Timeless Stories of the Bible in Full Color”

Script by Iva Hoth


Illustrations by Andre Le Blanc

I look forward to my nightly readings.


A few years ago, I read “Blessings Everday” at work.

It’s a Tyndale kids, illustrated by Elena Kucharik.  


Of course any book of the Bible will do:  Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, etc.


Currently I’m over 1/2 way through:

M. Lucado’s “Grace for the Moment, Inspirational Thoughts for Each Day of the year”


Billy Graham’s “Hope for Each Day, Words of Wisdom and Faith

Still to go:

Dick Mills

Smith Wigglesworth

Charles Spurgeon


Elisabeth Elliot also writes GREAT books.

McDowell’s book,
“More Than a Carpenter”

is a must read.

It’s short.


Pastor John at our church reads nightly out of a faith book:

“The Life of Faith”

by Mrs. C. Nuzum

Read it several years ago during Wednesday night book studies.

Kenneth Hagin encourages the re-reading of books that build you up in faith because it’s food for your spirit!


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